Good for my body

Good for the Planet!

Good for my body

Good for the Planet!

Handmade in Québec

Natural, organic and vegan ingredients

Cruelty-free & not tested on animals

Available in bulk

Zero waste

Handmade in Quebec

Make your skincare routine natural, healthy and affordable

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Roxane Clément-Gauvin

Message from the founder

Since 2015, RoseCitron has been a pioneer in zero waste cosmetics.

We handcraft natural and vegan eco-friendly cosmetics that are healthy for you… and for the planet. Our products are made with love and – whenever possible – with ingredients sourced from organic, equitable and vegan.

Each and every day, we’re helping to build a better world while contributing to your well-being with cosmetics that are effective, easy-to-use and affordable!


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We’re the change that’s helping to create a healthier environment today – and a brighter tomorrow for future generations
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