✨ The Perfect Radiant Fall Beauty Care Routine ✨

RoseCitron - The Perfect Radiant Fall Beauty Care Routine

✨ The Perfect Radiant Fall Beauty Care Routine ✨

After having widely experienced heat waves, uncomfortable nights, sticky thighs, sweaty hands and greasy hair, it’s about time for a little boost of radiance and freshness, isn’t it? For our team, there is only one good way to honor this sweet spot of the year where warmth and freshness coexist : it’s to throw a girls night (in loungewear ✌️) to share our favorite products, to make a batch of new products and to establish our new beauty routine for the season.

Well, ok, we may be finishing the night telling ourselves our lives, sipping an extra glass of wine and recalling old anecdotes. But that is something else 😉

In order to say goodbye to summer and prepare to jump into the fall season, we asked our friend Stéfany Chevalier from QUiNTUS, a certified phyto-esthetician (and above all, an admirable responsible communicator 💚) to join our evening to share her favorite products with us for a radiant fall beauty care routine..

For her, it’s not rocket science. The best care routines are the simplest. Simple in the number of products, simple in the use of the products and simple in the ingredients.

« When I learned that our skin was our largest organ, I started considering it in a whole different way. Since then, I take great care in choosing what to put on my skin. I choose a formula that contains the fewest ingredients and that mostly contains no component that I do not know (or that I can even pronounce). After all, my skin deserves the healthiest and most natural care.

Now I enjoy this daily meeting with myself. It’s a gift that I give myself every day, this short well-being ritual done with products made with love that brings me joy. »

– Stéfany, QUiNTUS

Ya know, we couldn’t have said best 🥰 And that’s exactly what our radiant fall beauty routine reflects.


Our first essentiel : the shine duo that glows your hair

Starting with our hair that has collected sand and twigs during the summer, it’s now time to give it back some love. For that, nothing better than our shampoo and conditioner cream duo. Stéfany and ourselves have integrated that and we now sport shiny, healthy and flawless hair.


Our second essential : magic cream that hydrates body and hands

By giving so much attention to our hair, we would feel bad to neglect our skin. Especially our hands which have gardened, changed diapers, tested pool pH, soaked in salty water, in short, which were really busy during summer. For fall, we apply our moisturising hands and body cream when getting out of the shower, and our body becomes just like our hair : hydrated and healthy!

Slice of fruit (or slice of life, it depends 🤷‍♀️😉)

We all have our favorite odors : big fan of summer, Roxanne goes there for Coco-Pineapple all year long so that the delicious aroma of pina colada never leaves her 🍍, Natacha falls for the lime-vanilla scent and Amanda for the suave side ot neroli 💃


Our third essential : charcoal toothpaste

For our friend Stéfany who gave herself to her heart’s content in blue Slushes and colorful popsicles 🍭 this summer, the whitening treatment with our charcoal toothpaste is a must for the glow up we’re looking for! More, its mint-lemon flavor keeps the summer never too far 😉🍋

« After a cray cray summer, it feels good to take a moment with friends to catch up … and do a beauty care routine »

– Roxanne, founder of ROSECITRON

For real, this is a care ritual that makes us feel good and really puts us in the mood for fall, this much-loved season when we take the time to take care of ourselves and honor our bodies. It’s an opportunity for us to get together with friends and start fresh, with reloaded batteries for the next season.

You have a night like this and you try our products for a radiant fall beauty care routine, tag us on social media, and it’s like sharing the moment with you!

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