The Perfect Skincare Routine for Winter: Cocooning Vibe

RoseCitron - Cocooning Vibe

The Perfect Skincare Routine for Winter: Cocooning Vibe

The euphoria of Christmas has already ended: the evenings have passed, the buffets have followed one another, the kisses were plenty and the family moments have comforted you. There is always this magical and exciting aspect to Christmas, as there is also this feeling of overflow and overwhelm. For us, around December 27-28, cocooning time is a must before we dive into December 31’s frenzie 🍾 Hydration, exfoliation, and rest: the perfect combination to plunge into New Year’s Eve mode! 🎉

What about cocooning?

Cocooning is all about staying home (and leaving only for vital reasons!) and resting in the most comfortable surroundings. Although the concept is more universal nowadays, it roots up in homes in very unique ways. There are as many ways to live your cocooning as there are cocooners. The idea is to gather your ultimate favorites to spend a comfortable moment of serenity: comfy sweaters 🧶, hot drinks 🍵, candles 🕯️, essential oils 👃 and comforting music 🎵.

To these few favorites, here’s what we suggest you add to embrace your between-Christmas-and-New-Year’s routine, softly and gently 👇
ROSECITRON - Nettoyant pour le visage en barre

Holiday Cocooning Routine

Our friend Stéfany Chevalier (let’s call her Stef ✌️) is always a great helper in guiding us through our skincare routine. Once a phyto-esthetician, now a mom and a responsible communication maven at QUiNTUS, she knows more than enough about cocooning, skin care and eco-friendly products.

“The time between December 25 and 31 rhymes with me time. To honor my body, there’s nothing better than natural products that pamper my skin and make me feel good.”

Every time, she takes the words out of our mouths ❤️😉

Our favorite body products for winter

Each of our products has its own special place in our hearts and in our calendar! While some give us a boost of glow and radiance at the end of summer, others allow us to face winter in style and protect our skin from the icy cold 🥶 This is the case with our must-have products that make up our holiday cocooning routine, which is divided into 4 main steps:

1. Exfoliate your face

First step: cleanse the skin. The term “exfoliation” may be frightening. We often associate it with abrasive treatments that harsh the skin. At ROSECITRON, we make gentle exfoliants designed for daily use. The exfoliant removes impurities and prepares the skin for the rest of the routine!

Can we tell you how much we love our hibiscus facial scrub bar? Right off the bat, it comes in a bar – goodbye packaging! Add to that its delicious hibiscus scent – with pleasant notes of rose 🌹 – and its antioxidant properties that help remove dead skin cells. For best use, simply moisten the product, lather your hands, rub in gentle circular motions on your face and then rinse with water 🌊

2. Make a face mask

Step two: unclog pores. To do so, our purifying green clay facial mask is our best friend. Designed for mixed to oily skin, it purifies the face and balances sebum with lavender and Melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil. And what about the fresh effect it leaves on the skin 🥰

It also has the advantage of being very easy to use. Simply apply a layer on a previously cleansed skin, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water in circular motions.

👩‍🔬 For DIY lovers, you can stock up on the powder version of this product in bulk. 3 teaspoons of powder and 1 teaspoon of water are needed to make a ready-to-use mask out of it!

3. Moisturize your face

Third step: after the scrub bar and the mask have gone deep into your skin, it’s time to give it a good dose of softness and moisture. Our day facial cream with carrot extract is the ideal candidate. Non-greasy, it is perfect for normal, mixed and oily skin as well as for those who love the smell of orange blossom. A small drop applied to the face will give you that immediate feeling of well-being!

🤫 PS. Carrot is not for nothing 🥕 Maceration of carrot in sunflower oil is a natural potion to restore radiance to dull skin!

🤫 PS. 2 We cannot forget to mention our moisturizing hand and body cream that comes in several fragrances (even unscented) and our lip balms that make you say goodbye to dry, chapped and cracked lips. Two very rich and nourishing products that your body will love!

4. Keep hydrated!

This step is of utmost importance. And we’re not talking about drinking a few sips of water at the end of your skincare routine, but about drinking water all the time! While for some, it may be more intuitive to take large gulps in hot weather to cool down, water is just as important in winter as it is in summer. If plain water ends up boring you, there are ways to “winterize” your water: herbal tea, tea, broth or even hot chocolate 😏

👉 Hydration is all about the four seasons, and winter is no exception!
Lecture au lit avec un café

Jolly routine and jolly holidays!

We hope you enjoy your holiday cocooning as you see fit. With or without fragrances, with or without candles, but don’t skimp on body care and on alternating between exfoliation and hydration.

Ah, and finally:

🤫 It’s all good if you’re still listening to Christmas music, after all, that’s kind of why you’re staying home alone 😉 It’s also all good if you take the time to do this routine at a time other than between December 25 and 31. This skincare routine is good for all winter, so hang in there, you’re just getting started with it ❄️

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