Recipe for Lip Balm to Sit In Your Pocket at All Times

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Recipe for Lip Balm to Sit In Your Pocket at All Times

In order to say goodbye to dry and cracked lips, blow a big kiss (literally 💋) to this lip balm recipe. Whether you’re in the mood for mint or grapefruit taste, the flavors in this simple and natural recipe are customizable throughout the seasons.


Lip Balm

Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 5 15ml jars


  • 1 Scale of 0.1g or 1g precision
  • 1 Water bath
  • 1 Spatula for mixing and scraping the bottom
  • 5 Aluminum jar pots of 15ml or 10 tubes of 7ml



  • Melt the solid ingredients first.
    9,6 grams Candelilla wax or sunflower wax, 16,8 grams Shea butter, 26 grams Cocoa Butter
  • Add the vegetable oil.
    26 grams Vegetable oil of your choice
  • Mix well and let melt.
    1,8 grams Essential oil of your choice
  • Pour the mixture into your jars.


ROSECITRON TIP: Add sugar to it for an exfoliant! (at the end at the same time as the essential oils)
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