Recipe for Whitening Toothpaste With Coconut Oil

RoseCitron - Coconut oil toothpaste recipe

Recipe for Whitening Toothpaste With Coconut Oil

Go coco or go home! This is the recipe for homemade coconut oil toothpaste you need! Coconut oil prevents cavities and plaque, creates a barrier against bacteria and whitens. To your pantry, you sure have a few drops of coconut oil laying around 🥥


Coconut oil toothpaste

Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 100 grams


  • 1 Scale of 0,1g or 1g precision
  • 1 Spatula for mixing and scraping the bottom
  • 1 Hand blender
  • 1 Cake nozzle or large syringe
  • 1 Tube of 100 grams



  • Heat the water (boiling not necessary) to dilute the Xylitol while stirring.
    25 grams Water, 25 grams Xylitol
  • When the xylitol is well diluted, add the coconut oil. Stir to help it melt.
    35 grams Coconut oil
  • When the coconut oil is melted, add the calcium carbonate and mix well. You can use a blender foot to make a nice homogeneous texture.
    15 grams Calcium carbonate
  • Add your essential oils and mix well. Add more essential oil if needed.
    3 drops Sweet mint essential oil, 1 drop Peppermint essential oil
  • To put the mixture in a tube, you can use a cake nozzle or a large syringe.

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