Spring Cleaning: A Care Routine for You and Your Home

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Spring Cleaning: A Care Routine for You and Your Home

Milder temperatures are welcoming spring and renewal with doors wide open ☀️ Who says spring, says spring cleaning ✨ This one doesn’t have to be a chore, HECK NO! It can rather be fun, eco-friendly and economical! Besides, who said spring cleaning was just for our homes? Our bodies have hibernated too! 

Join us in our spring routine that reminds us to take care of our bodies and our homes, in a good mood and with simplicity.

Our Essentials for an Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

⚠️ Message to the young versions of ourselves and the cleaning skeptics of this world: SPRING CLEANING CAN BE FUN! Big statement. We never thought we’d say that. But here’s why 👇

For a long time, spring cleaning was a chore for us. A wasted weekend where our parents – and later, ourselves – would prepare an endless list of boring cleaning tasks. Over time,pink flowers we’ve worked to restore the image of spring cleaning. We now associate it with a lot of fun elements.

1.  DIY: Where the Fun Begins

Making your own products is a great way to start your cleaning! DIY is a pretext to meet people! In addition to keeping your hands busy, they bring family and friends together around an activity that makes you forget about everyday worries and refocus on the essential. DIYs also brings a sense of pride – making something with your own hands is a big deal! – and are super versatile. While the industry tries to convince us that we need a specific product for each room in the house, DIY reminds us that good basic ingredients don’t make the distinction between a kitchen floor and a bathroom tile: they remove dirt EVERYWHERE

Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are the best friends of your reusable paper towels or your old cotton t-shirts that serve as rags. Your wallet will also be grateful that you chose DIY: the price of raw materials is quite cheaper than the price of finished products. Our DI spring Cleaning Kit (our ultimate favorite) is living proof of this. The kit includes everything you need to make:

  • 10 tablets of all-purpose cleaner
  • 10 tablets of fir vinegar glass and mirror cleaner
  • 10 tablets of toilet bowl cleaner

While a tablet usually sells for around $3, it would cost $90 to buy all the finished products. With the DIY kit, making them yourself while having fun and learning, it comes down to $29.95 😱

some cleaning objectsPersonally, we’re a little partial to our eco-friendly homemade recipe for toilet cleaning bomb. Explosively satisfying results 💥 We also sometimes spoil ourselves and we make bath bombs at the same time. As long as you have your hands in baking soda, you might as well make it worth your while 😉 To complement your spring cleaning, spray on a few shots of our room fragrance, and bad odors will be a thing of the past.

2.  Pro Tips for a Green Cleaning

Here are some of our top tips for injecting a little cheer into your spring cleaning:

  • Do it with your family
  • Create a casual atmosphere (put on your favorite playlists, the ones that make you sing at the top of your lungs!)
  • Open the windows and get some fresh air 
  • Spread the tasks out over several days. Doing a little bit each day gives the impression, in the end, of having done (almost) nothing
  • Ah! And for children who are reluctant to clean, chores become missions or quests. Give them a vaporizer, it will keep them busy for a while!  🦸

Add to that natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, DIY and bulk product fillers, and we’re in business!

Your Body Is Your Home: Spring Cleaning for the Body

With spring knocking at our doors, our bodies need attention and softness. We don’t know about you, but in the month of March, our skin is crying out for help 🆘 Let’s keep in mind that it’s coming out of an intense 3 months of adaptation between the freezing temperatures outside 🥶 and the dry temperatures in our homes (electric hewoman opening curtainsating 🌡️ when you hold us 😅).

If we declutter our home, why not also declutter our skin that has breathed too little during the winter and barely remembers the feel of the sun? At this point, we go on a great quest to find the perfect balance between exfoliation and hydration. Which our spring routine answers perfectly 😏 For the exfoliation side of things, cedar exfoliating body soap is the obvious candidate. Did you notice? It matched the scent of our home fragrance. We’re on a roll 💡 Notes of cedar and mint scent your shower with a sweet fragrance while black peppercorns dislodge skin-clogging impurities. Complementing this daily use, the pink clay and coffee mask is no slouch either. Not only does it unclog pores with activated charcoal that acts like a magnet on the skin’s surface 🧲 but it also brightens the complexion. The product that says “See you next year!” to your pale complexion!

After that, the sweetness can kick in, with moisturizing soaps whose smells scream spring, like lavender or vanilla. And let’s not forget serums 🤩 Clearly, the eye contour and face serum is the new kid on the block to lug around in your go-to spring bag 👜

You see. It is possible to combine fun and cleanliness! Get out your spring arsenal and give your cocoon and body the dose of freshness and love it deserves. Happy makeover ✨


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