Recipe for Solid Conditioner Made From Natural Ingredients

solid conditioner with natural ingredients

Recipe for Solid Conditioner Made From Natural Ingredients

How often do you hear about its little brother, the shampoo bar? Well, conditioner wears the solid format very well too 😉 It still comes second in your hair routine (after shampoo!), but it won’t come second in your heart anymore ❤️


Conditioner Bar

Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 100 grams
Author RoseCitron


  • 1 Scale of 1g precision
  • 1 Water bath
  • 1 Spatula for mixing and scraping the bottom of the pan
  • 1 Silicon mold



  • In the water bath, melt the BTMS, cetyl alcohol and butter.
    50 grams BTMS, 5 grams Cetyl Alcohol, 15 grams Your favorite butter
  • Mix and add the oil. Continue to mix until everything is well blended.
    30 grams Your favorite oil
  • Add your essential oils and mix well.
    1 gram Essential oil
  • Pour the mixture into your mold and wait for it to cool before unmolding (about 2 hours)


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