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The name for bulk organic natural cosmetics handmade in Canada

Since 2015, ROSECITRON has been a pioneer in zero waste cosmetics. We handmade natural and vegan eco-friendly cosmetics that are healthy for you… and for the planet. Our products are made with love and – whenever possible – with ingredients sourced from organic, equitable and humane farming.

Each and every day, we’re helping to build a better world while contributing to your well-being with cosmetics that are effective, easy-to-use and affordable!

We embrace simplicity, transparency and accessibility:





  1. Planet first, always
  2. Quality without compromise
  3. Creativity paired with efficiency
  4. Collaboration because together, we’re creating a better world
Roxanne Clément-Gauvin

Back in 1997 when recycling was just taking off, I often gave my friends and family a hard time for not recycling. Even though I was only 17 at the time, I was already very environmentally aware and determined to make a difference. Around my 30s, I started hearing about all the chemicals used in cosmetics and how damaging they can be to our health and to the planet. By the time I was 34, I had had enough. I wanted to make a REAL difference, so I made it my life’s mission. I quit my job and launched an eco-friendly business (hey, you’re never too old or too young to follow your dreams!). ROSECITRON now has 5 amazing employees who all share the same desire to make a real difference in their daily lives. I thank them for believing in ROSECITRON and above all in a better world. Thank you for believing in us, too.

TOGETHER, we will be the change.”

Roxanne xxx


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