Cedar leaf, arbovitae, organic from Canada


100% pure and natural essential oil by Zayat Aroma

Botanical name : Thuja occidentalis

Plant Part: Needles and Twigs

Extraction method : Steam distilled

Origin: Canada

This oil is a repulsive natural insect. It is also soothing for patients with poison ivy and psoriasis.

It is also used in massage, pure or diluted, for rheumatic and arthritis pain.

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⇒ never ingest the essential oil of cedar nor diffuse it pure because it contains thujone, which is potentially epileptic.

It will therefore be used externally only; a few drops on a wound promote rapid healing while avoiding possible infection.

Words by Mikaël Zayat

The Amerindians called it “the tree of life”, because of its purifying virtues and action on injuries.

This is a family of a different Thuya than that of the Atlantic Cypress.

According to Dr. Daniel Pénoël and Sylla Sheppard, Arbovitae’s essential oil is an excellent anti-rheumatismal oil; astringente; anti-infectious; anti-allergen; and helps the body repair the cuts and injuries.

He’s also known for his antifungal and antibacterial action.

This oil was the main ingredient in the famous Vick’s.

Words by Anny Schneider

Cedar leaf, also called “the tree of life”, is a powerful sanitizer and repellent against unwanted organisms: mites, lice and fleas.

Very easy to use, pure or diluted as an essential oil or a hydrosol, it even cleanses grounds swarming with fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Several Aboriginal tribes called it the tree of life and used it as incense to keep away unwelcome and / or obsessive entities, presences and memories.

Origin of this essential oil

This organic essential oil of cedar from Canada is distilled from the twigs of the tree.