A clay is a mineral powder that is found naturally in soils. It is widely used for face masks and dry shampoo (no-poo) because it absorbs sebum. Depending on the type of clay, the characteristics for the skin will be different. See the description tab.

White Clay (Kaolin): Softening, it is ideal for sensitive skin.

Green Clay (Illite green clay): Ideal for combination and oily skin, because it is very absorbent, regenerative and it closes the pores of the skin.

Red clay (Illite red clay): It brightens and illuminates the complexion. Ideal for combination and oily skin, because it is very absorbent.

Pink clay (Kaolin, Illite red clay):

Ghassoul clay (Marroccan lava clay): Clay used for centuries, it is nicknamed washing clay for its cleaning power. It is widely used in dry shampoo. It is softening, hydrating and it brightens the complexion. For all skin types, but ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

See the recipes in the Description tab.

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Dry shampoo recipe (No-Poo)

50g Corn or arrowroot starch

20g green clay

20g of Ghassoul clay (light hair) and cocoa powder (for dark hair)

  1. Mix the powders together in a bowl
  2. Dose the Ghassoul clay according to the hair color.
  3. Add more Ghassoul clay for lighter hair or more cocoa powder for darker hair.
  4. Transfer your final result to a cardboard powder applicator (see Cardboard powder tube)

Apply directly to the roots of the hair and massage in lightly.

Happy creation!

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