Eucalyptus globulus organic


100% pure and natural essential oil by Zayat Aroma

Botanical name : Eucalyptus globulus

Plant Part : leaves

Extraction method : steam distilled

Origin : China

Decongestant, expectorant, mucolytic and comforting.

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Words by Mikaël Zayat

Eucalyptus globulus is one of the most widely used essences in aromatherapy.

It is also, with the radiata, one of the most widespread eucalyptus species among the hundreds of varieties.

In Ernest Guenther’s book, “Les huiles essentielles”, published around 1948, there is the chemical composition of more than 100 varieties of eucalyptus.

Words by Anny Schneider

This type of eucalyptus essential oil has particularly expectorant and mucolytic properties.

It is the oil of saunas, spas and houses of cure to cure diseases of the lungs.

It can be used in inhalation, vapor bath or diffuser.

Origin of this essential oil

This organic eucalyptus essential oil from China is distilled from the leaves of the tree.