Marshmallow (root powder)


50g –  kraft resealable bag

INCI: Althaea officinalis

The roots of the Marshmallow are widely used for their medicinal properties. In cosmetics, it is widely used for its softening and moisturizing properties. It is also used for hair care, because it is detangling and it provides shine to the hair. Try it in your conditioner or in dry shampoo (see recipe in description), it will bring volume while having a mattifying effect!

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Dry shampoo recipe (No-Poo)

25g Corn starch or Arrowroot starch

20g Marshmallow (powdered root)

25g Green Clay

20g Ghassoul Clay (light hair) and cocoa powder (for dark hair)

  1. Mix the powders together in a bowl
  2. Dose the Ghassoul clay according to the hair color. Add more Ghassoul clay for lighter hair or more cocoa powder for darker hair.
  3. Transfer your final result to a cardboard powder applicator (see Cardboard powder tube)

Apply directly to the roots of the hair and massage in lightly.

Happy creation!