Rose Café Facial Mask: Illuminating


A face mask that has it all, offering a combination of COFFEE & FLOWERS. The coffee offers gentle exfoliating properties while the hibiscus flower balances the product out by adding softness and suppleness.

The coffee and hibiscus pair so well together! That’s not all though! This mask also contains activated charcoal which acts as a magnet on your skin. It attracts blemishes to the surface of the skin which then helps to unclog pores.
Pink Clay and rosehip oil are added to the mask to brighten your complexion.  The exquisite scent comes from the essential oil blend of Ho wood (regenerating) and Laurel (anti-inflammatory).
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ingrédients : aqua, kaolin/argile blanche, Illite red clay/argile rouge, activated charcoal/charbon activé, Hibiscus sabdariffa*, coffee/café, Laurus nobilis (laurier/laurel) oil extract*, Cinnnamomum camphora linaloliferum (bois de Ho/Ho wood) oil*, Rosa canina (églantier/rosehip) oil*, potassium sorbate. * Ingrédient biologique/organic ingredient