SCS (surfactant)



INCI: Sodium coco-sulfate

Use: up to 50% concentration in the aqueous phase. Due to its very foaming side, too much could be very drying and can be irritating. Use butters and oils to ensure hydration at the same time.

Warning: SCS is very volatile and can irritates the respiratory tract. It is advisable to wear a mask and gloves when handling it.

SCS is a surfactant derived from vegetable fat derived from coconut. It is very popular in shampoos and crockery cakes, because it is very foaming.

It is until now one of the most ecological of the surfactants of its type, on the other hand, the subject still remains controversial given the novelty of the product. If your hair allows it, space your hair washes. You can also shampoo yourself dry between washing days;) (See the recipe in Clays).

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Solid shampoo recipe

For about 100g (1 large muffin pan):

  • 50g of SCI
  • 10g of SCS
  • 20g of water or aloe to dissolve the SCI
  • 5g of BTMS for a detangling effect
  • 5g of shea, mango or coconut butter
  • 5g of Ghassoul clay


  • Gloves and mask
  • Scale accurate to 0.1g of preferences (or 1g)
  • 2 bain-marie
  • a spatula to mix and scrape the bottom of the pan.
  • 1 silicone mold

Manual :

  1. In a first double boiler, melt the SCI and the SCS with the water (yes, it takes a long time!) The powdered SCI is faster to melt than the noodle-shaped one.
  2. In a second double boiler, melt the BTMS and the butter. Add the clay when everything is melted and mix well. Then add your essential oil.
  3. Pour your mixture from the second water bath (BTMS) into the contents of the first water bath (SCI) and mix well.
  4. Pour the mixture into your mold and wait for it to cool.

Happy creation!

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