Wintergreen organic


100% pure and natural by Zayat Aroma

Botanical name : Gaultheria fragrantissima

Plant part : leaves

Extraction method : steam distilled

Origin : Nepal

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, deodorant, antiseptic, aromatic, carminative and stimulating.

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It is used diluted in oil : 2 drops of fragrant wintergreen essence for 10ml of good quality organic vegetable oil.

Words by Mikaël Zayat

The essential oil of Wintergreen is used in cosmetics (in particular for the manufacture of hair oils), perfumery and pharmaceutical companies.

It’s antiseptic, aromatic, carminative and stimulating.

It is used in the treatment of rheumatisms, drop, stiffness due to old age, gale and neuralgia.

This essential oil also revitalizes and gives energy as a result of muscle pain, particularly good for sports, massages.

Oil also has several aromatherapeutic uses.

It brings us all the benefits of the rocky slopes of the Hymalayan mountains, where it naturally grows between 1500 and 2700 metres of altitude.

Words by Anny Schneider

Not to be confused with wintergreen, it comes from a Nepali shrub also from the ericaceous family.
Its methyl salicylate level is even higher, so it is a powerful anti-inflammatory analgesic, not to mention its deodorant effects.

Origin of this essential oil

This Certified Organic Essential Oil of Sweet Wintergreen from Nepal is distilled from the leaves of the shrub.


  • Keep away from children, air, heat and light.
  • As with all essential oils, it is recommended to first perform a skin test in the bend of the elbow to check that no skin reaction appears.
  • It is imperative to dilute the essential oil of fragrant Wintergreen, in order to avoid any risk of irritation or intoxication, and to be able to continue to use it in the long term.
  • During surgery, stop using fragrant wintergreen at least 48H before.