YOGI : Yoga mat Cleanser


Here’s your best friend after a yoga workout! A gentle yoga mat cleaner with essential oils of eucalyptus, mint, lavender and tea tree.

A yoga mat is made of porous materials that quickly absorb sweat and dirt. By cleaning the surface frequently, you prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungus, eliminating the risk of infection.

A yoga mat can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus if it is not cleaned regularly. It is best to clean your mat after each use.

Psst…and if you love the smell as much as I do, you can spray some in the bathroom air 🙂


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Aqua, vinegar, coco glucoside, Mentha piperita (Menthe/Mint) oil, Lavandula angostifolia (Lavande/Lavender) oil, Maleleuca alternifolia (Arbre à thé/Tea tree) oil, Eucalyptus globulus oil.