Our mission

We make affordable and colorful natural cosmetics by hand. All while offering simple and effective products so that they are essential to our health as well as to our environment. We use as many ingredients as possible from organic farming, fair trade and without animal cruelty. It is possible to fill several of our products at participating points of sale.

Zero Waste

Since 2015, our Zero Waste challenge has been in full swing. We are still working on minimizing our business waste and we offer our products in bulk at several points of sale in Canada.

Our actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • We use ingredients from Canada and the United States whenever possible.
  • We avoid overpacking during delivery
  • All our containers are refillable and recyclable at the end of their life
  • Our bulk pails are consigned. This means that participating stores return them to us so that we can reuse them.
  • We pay for our Co2 used during the year.
  • We sort our recycling ourselves and take them directly to the nearest eco-center.
  • And no, we don’t have a trash can in the company!

Our history

In 1997, at 17 already, when recycling had barely started, I “quibbled” my loved ones, because they did not recycle. I always had this environmental flame in me and I thought I was already making a difference at this age. Around 30 years old, I discovered the many chemicals found in cosmetics and their affect on our health and the environment. So at the age of 34 (no, there is no age to achieve your dreams), I decided enough is enough and I WANT to make a real difference in this world; this is my personal mission. I decided to quit my job and lead my eco-responsible business. To date, the company now has 5 wonderful employees who also have this flame and who make a real difference every day. I thank them for believing in Rosecitron and especially in a better world, because it is TOGETHER that we will change things.

Thank you for believing in us,